In this government scheme, the daughter will get 40 lakh rupees in 18 years, get the details today

By | March 28, 2018

In this government scheme, the daughter will get 40 lakh rupees in 18 years, get the details today

Do not fill the snake’s snake but it is the sea of ​​affection. The central government has waited to make this a reality in real terms. And Prime Minister Narendra Modi has implemented the Sukanya Samridhi scheme to support the Beti Bachao Abhiyan. Which will prove to be a gift for daughters. In this scheme 75 families of Surat have opened accounts in the Sukanya Samridhi scheme of the government to ease the burden of the bride’s education and her education. And other family members are informing about the benefits of this plan.


People are being welcomed by the people of Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana. The scheme, which started from 25 February onwards in the post office across India, can prove to be very useful for making the future of the bride bright. Surat city’s post offices are showing enthusiasm among the people to open the account and get information about the scheme. Only 75 accounts have been opened under the scheme till now only in the Nanpura post office of Surat city.


A thousand open accounts


Parents or Guardian girls can open an account in the post office under “Sukanya Samridhi Yojana”. In this scheme, the account of Kanya, born on or after 2-12-2003, can be opened. And parents and parents can open an account as guardian. In case of orphan girls, can open a Guardian account appointed by the court. Under this scheme, two more girls’ accounts can be opened in more than one family. And at least one rupee per thousand rupees can be deposited in more than 100 rupees in a financial year after the opening of the account, according to RN Patel, Superintendent of Nanpura Post Office.

The amount can be raised when an 18-year-old daughter is studying for higher studies


For the year 2014-2015, the interest rate has been fixed at 9.1% for the Sukanya Samriddhi scheme. Which will be changed every year in accordance with the Central Government rule. For the education of girls and their marriage can be easily done, after the opening of the account under the scheme, after the expiry of 14 years, the account will be matched with the maturity date. The special feature of this scheme is that after the age of 18 years of marriage, 50% of the amount deposited for higher education Percent amount can be collected.


The girl will look like Tulsi

The Sukanya Samridhi scheme has already been launched by the Central Government. Then, in Surat, Champak Patel also has a daughter whom she has opened an account in this scheme. Champakbhai is so impressed with this plan that he will stay around himself and explain the family with his daughters to open the account, he said. This scheme is not a recourse of the daughter snake but she would like to see Tulsi.

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